Module Offer Semesters (subject to changes)

 Modular Focal Areas for Graduate Modules Division of Graduate Studies 16 Dec 2019


*All elective modules chosen must be graded and of at least 2MC if it is to be used towards the CAP. Students may choose their elective modules from those offered by the School, Department of Biological Sciences or Research Institutes/Centres affiliated with the National University of Singapore. Students who are interested in clinical or epidemiologic research may also choose their elective modules from the Master of Public Health programme. In addition to the elective modules required of their MSc candidature, graduate students can take their additional electives any time before confirmation as a PhD candidate. They may take Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory modules to widen their knowledge but such modules cannot be used towards the CAP calculation. As electives are meant to improve the students' breadth of knowledge, students should register for their electives only after consultation with and with approval from their supervisors.

For modules offered by other faculties and Research Institutes/Centres, students should check with the respective faculties/Research Institutes/Centres for the module information and schedules.


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