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Dr Soh (right) with one of his young patients and the patient’s father (Photo: National University Hospital)

The Food Oral Immunotherapy programme headed by Dr Soh Jian Yi, Consultant in the Division of Paediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology at NUH, and also an Assistant Professor at NUS Medicine, has helped a young patient overcome an allergy to peanuts. Implemented in August 2015 in NUH, the programme first focused on peanuts, and it will soon be expanded to cashew, egg and pistachios in early 2017.

“The patient has to avoid that food, and this places restrictions on the patient as well as the family. There is also the psychological burden of constantly being on the alert, checking labels and foods taken outside of the home. In the case of a persistent food allergy, this means years of carrying this burden,” explained Dr Soh.

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