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A new book on dementia written by Professor Kua Ee Heok of NUS Medicine’s Department of Psychological Medicine was launched in June 2017. Titled ‘Colours of Ageing’, it is a collection of Prof Kua’s research findings, stories and individuals’ experiences from his past 30 years of research on dementia and mental health. The “Colours” of ageing in his book’s title represents the hope, will and the imagination of an “undefeated mind”, which is crucial to living with one’s faculties intact.

On 27 September 2017, National Library Board hosted The Big Read Meet, which featured Prof Kua’s book ‘Colours of Ageing’.

Prof Kua shared his journey as a psychiatrist – how he began his specialisation in psychiatry in 1977, and when he first started The Memory Clinic at Jurong Point shopping mall 25 years ago and provided free therapy services to elderly with high risk of dementia.

Prof Kua concluded the event with three tips for dementia prevention: First, keep learning new things; second, form a group of friends and meet them regularly; and, finally, write something about your life to leave to your family.

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