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NUS Medicine's new undergraduates. Photo: Khalid Baba

Ms Aqilah Faaiqah Shamsuri, Ms Aqilah Dariah Mohd Zulkarnain, Ms Norhashirin M Norman, Ms Isrin Farhana Anwardeen and Mr Sheikh Izzat Zainal-Abidin Bahajjaj have chosen to take up medical studies at NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in 2017. Although they come from different educational backgrounds, they all share the same aspiration to help their fellow Singaporeans as doctors.

Ms Aqilah Faaiqah Shamsuri, was motivated to study medicine after her mother was diagnosed with ovarian and cervical cancer last year. Ms Aqilah Dariah Mohd Zulkarnain, formerly the top Malay student for her PSLE cohort, hopes to specialise in gynaecology or serve as a family doctor. Ms Norhashirin M Norman, who had majored in radiography at Monash University, decided to pursue a second degree in medicine with NUS because she wanted to do more to help patients. For Ms Isrin Farhana Anwardeen, studying medicine at NUS is a double achievement – she fulfils her mother’s wish of seeing her pursue a university education, and she realises her childhood dream of being a family doctor. Mr Sheikh Izzat Zainal-Abidin Bahajjaj decided that he wanted to be a doctor when he was just seven years old so that he could help others.

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