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We are deeply saddened at the loss of a well-loved and respected colleague and friend. Emeritus Professor Edward Tock Peng Chong was a distinguished leader and an outstanding scholar and teacher. His numerous contributions included serving as Dean of the NUS Faculty of Medicine, the Chairman of the Medical Board of the National University Hospital and innumerable committees and boards. His legacy includes the NUH and many generations of doctors who were his students.

A visionary leader, Prof Tock had the foresight to adopt the latest technology of the time and the Department of Pathology was among the first in the region to employ immunohistochemistry in pathology diagnosis. He also had an interest in urological pathology and was one of the few pathologists of the time to hold a PhD.

Since his retirement, Prof Tock had been active as a committed member of the Department’s education team. Right to the end, he remained dedicated to his life’s work: despite being unwell, he conducted a Collaborative Learning Case (CLC) teaching session on Monday, 29 January 2018, just days before his demise.

We will remember Prof Tock fondly as a devoted teacher and caring mentor, an eminent pathologist and friend. We also extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.