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Alumnus Assoc Prof Teoh Lam Chuan (left) was the first hand surgeon in Singapore.

Alumnus Associate Professor Teoh Lam Chuan (Class of 1976) was Singapore’s first hand surgeon and in 1988 headed the first department of hand surgery in Singapore General Hospital. He also played a key role in establishing hand surgery as a medical specialty in Singapore in 1996.

Assoc Prof Teoh also mentored more than 10 batches of hand surgeons in Singapore and taught globally as well.

Today, even as the field of hand surgery expanded to focus on a range of conditions, from traumatic injuries of the hand to hand deformities and arthritis, Assoc Prof Teoh remains active in researching and refining techniques of hand surgery, and continues to work as a senior consultant at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

For his outstanding contributions to the field of hand surgery, Assoc Prof Teoh was recently conferred the Lee Foundation’s National Healthcare Group Lifetime Achievement Award in May 2018.

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