newsinfomain WCC 17Aug2018
Welcome to NUS Medicine, Class of 2023!

While their parents watched with quiet pride, the 297 first year students slipped into white coats, helped by the teachers who would be guiding them through the next five years of their medical undergraduate studies.

Earlier, HealthServe founder and Straits Times Singaporean of the Year 2017 Dr Goh Wei Leong (Class of 1985) had encouraged them to be doctors who give of themselves unstintingly in the service of their patients and the community. “I am, because you are,” he told his audience. Reach out, and lift that struggling person up, because that is what communities do. It’s humanity in action and expressed in the African word, Ubuntu, Dr Goh added.

newsinfomain WhiteCoat2 16Aug2018
Faculty members helped the medical freshmen don their very first white coat, which serves as a reminder of the highest level of professional conduct and ethics required of a doctor to uphold at all times.

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The ceremony concluded with the recital of the Medical Student’s Pledge.

newsinfomain WhiteCoat1 16Aug2018
Associate Professor Yeoh Khay Guan, Dean of NUS Medince presented a painting drawn by Ms Yuki Ong, Phase II Medicine student to Dr Goh Wei Leong, Guest-of-Honour as a token of appreciation.