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Reflecting on her work which marries medicine and the arts, the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine’s only medical illustrator – Ms Bay Song Lin – creates graphics and animations of the human body based on samples of body parts stored at the School’s Anatomy Museum.

Trained in art, Ms Bay carefully preserves the legacy of our Silent Mentors through photos, 3D videos, still and moving graphics which detail the human anatomy. Having no medical background also meant that Ms Bay had to spend hours studying anatomical pictures so that she knew how to draw body parts accurately.

“To work here, you definitely cannot have a weak heart ... we have students who fainted at first sight,” said Ms Bay.

The Silent Mentors are donors who pledged their bodies to science and research through the Silent Mentors Programme, and their invaluable contributions play a crucial and deeply appreciated role in the training of our future doctors here at NUS Medicine.

“We want to let the students know that every silent mentor has his or her own story. And they are so noble to donate their own bodies, so we really need to learn humbly.” – Ms Bay Song Lin

Even in death, the dead offer precious lessons about life and living.

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