2019 08 Are you the cure
Society as we know it today is plagued by maladies of all sorts. As soon-to-be doctors and nurses, we’re seeking your expert opinion on the cure for some of the most pressing ailments of our time. Flex your pen hand (and creative expression) to write a short piece on any one of the topics below. If more than one topic catches your fancy, please submit them as separate entries!
  • The Cure for Hubris
  • The Cure for Indifference
  • The Cure for Duplicity
  • The Cure for Impudence

    ***Warning: We're looking out for essays that speak to the heart and burst with literary brilliance. Not an academic term paper!***

    The best entries will be personally selected by the Dean, with support from the Centre for Biomedical Ethics. Winning stories will be published in the inaugural School yearbook! 

    Open to all Medicine and Nursing students. Each entry should address one specific condition. Indicate which in the email subject; multiple entries are allowed.

    Share your 500-word piece with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 30 Sept 2019.