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More than 1,100 concert-goers witnessed the emotional journey of Amah Lucy, who struggled to come to terms with dementia and its consequences for her family, herself, and her treasured memories on 28 Oct 2019 during the charity concert – “Remember Me: Living with Dementia”.

“Remember Me: Living with Dementia” was organised by the NUS Mind Science Centre, an academic research centre under the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine’s Department of Psychological Medicine.

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The audience got an insight into the world of people with dementia from an individual’s perspective and learned more about the NUS Mind Science Centre’s translational community programmes for healthy and active ageing that night.

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Professor Kua Ee Heok (Centre), from the NUS Medicine Department of Psychological Medicine, on stage for an educational dialogue during the concert. Prof Kua was actively involved in the conceptualisation of the script for the concert.

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Concert-goers learning more about the NUS Mind Science Centre’s research areas

Through this concert, the NUS Mind Science Centre aims to raise awareness about the impact of dementia on patients, their family and caregivers; as well as reduce the stigma associated with it.

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A round of applause to both the performing cast and event organising committee!