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Studies have shown that approximately one in five pregnant women in Singapore will experience ante-natal depression. Doctors added that without timely intervention, this would likely affect the relationship between mother and child, as well as the child’s learning ability.

Dr Cornelia Chee, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist in the Department of Psychological Medicine at NUH and NUS Medicine and Programme Director of the Women’s Emotional Health Service, shared about the plans for the “Promoting Parental emotional health to Enhance child Learning” (ProPEL) programme to tie up with the KidSTART programme to broaden its reach for timely intervention at the antenatal level.

“We do want to work with KidSTART to be able to integrate the two programmes, so our programme will look after the maternal mental health and after the children are born, KidSTART will help to look after children.” – Dr Cornelia Chee

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