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Dr Wee Teck Young (right) with student and farmer Abdulai, a member of the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (APV), a peacemaking group he set up. Photo: Dr Wee Teck Young

Dr Wee Teck Young, who is an alumnus from Class of 1993, has been a volunteer in war-torn Afghanistan since 2004. The locals don’t celebrate Christmas there, but find out how Dr Wee spent his.

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With help from volunteers like Abdul Ali (tallest male in the background), APV has created a safe learning space for Afghan children. Abdul Ali is a 19-year-old student volunteer who coordinates the teams which manage APV’s accounts and micro-loan businesses. Photo: Dr Wee Teck Young

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A young Afghan girl happily receives a duvet from APVʼs Winter Duvet Project. Local women make duvets using donations from international peace builders. The duvets are distributed among the underprivileged and marginalised people in Afghanistan. Photo: Dr Wee Teck Young

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Read more about Dr Wee Teck Young and the Afghan Peace Volunteers in the Singapore Magazine, Issue 2, 2016.