General background

Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz or IMSPQ is a medical physiology quiz competition among first year medical students from universities around the world (mainly Asia). IMSPQ was initiated in the year 2003 and the challenge trophy for the IMSPQ was named after the late Professor A. Raman who was the first Malaysian professor of physiology at the University of Malaya and the initiator and organiser of the first competition. Over the years, the IMSPQ received great response from medical schools around the world. From seven teams in year 2003, the quiz has expanded to hosting 85 teams in year 2013.

Participants in IMSPQ 2013

Indonesia (11 universities), Malaysia (21 universities), Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand (11 universities), Cambodia, Vietnam (2 universities), Sri Lanka (6 universities), India (5 universities), Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, China (10 universities), Taiwan (4 universities), Myanmar (3 universities), Nepal, Laos, Poland, Egypt, Iraq, Mangolia and Russia

Mechanism of competition

The 11th IMSPQ was held on 28 & 29 August 2013, by the department of physiology at University of Malaya. The competition which consists of two parts (the written quiz and the oral quiz) is held on two different days. In the written quiz session (the first day), a set of multiple-choice questions (consisting of 100 questions) will be given. The questions designed aims to maximally examine students' understanding on the concepts of different human body systems. In order to prevent blind attempts, negative marking system is employed. One mark will be given for each correct question and one mark will be deducted for a wrong attempt. Since different universities are sending different number of participants (ranging from three to five students), average marks are used for the determination of the ranking for each university.

In the oral quiz session (the second day), different teams are placed into groups through sortation. In IMSPQ 2013, the top 40 teams are sorted into eight groups (each group consists of five teams).

Each team sends three representatives to the stage. Generally, the quiz master asks one question to each representative. For a correct answer, the team receives three points and no point is deducted for a wrong answer/unanswered question. If, within 15 seconds, the participant is unable to provide answer or the answer is wrong, the question is open to the rest of the participants in that group. For open-ended questions, a correct answer will be given two points while a wrong answer will be penalised with one point. At the end, the team with the highest point will proceed to the next round.

List of winners from the last 5 years

Year Champion 2nd 3rd
2008 University of Malaya University of New South Wales University of Philippines Medical College
2009 National University of Singapore Chulalongkorn University Monash University
2010 University of Malaya Colombo University All India Institute of Medical Sciences
2011 Chulalongkorn University All India Institute of Medical Sciences National University of Singapore
2012 Chulalongkorn University Mahidol University University of Malaya
2013 National University of Singapore Chulalongkorn University University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Written exam (as individuals):

  • Krystal Koh Miao Lin       2nd (tied with 3rd and 4th) 
  • Wilbert Ho Hsien Hao     7th
  • Wang Hankun                12th (tied with 13th)
  • Cherie Gan Le Si            14th

Oral competition (as a team)

1st prize and the trophy of the 11th IMSPQ 2013

Selected ‘sub-team’ for the oral competition:

  • Krystal Koh Miao Lin                                              
  • Wilbert Ho Hsien Hao                                            
  • Wang Hankun


newsinfotn imspq 0913
[Left to right] Wang Hankun, Dr Zakaria Almsherqi, Lee Si Min, Krystal Koh Miao Lin, Cherie Gan Le Si, Wilbert Ho Hsien Hao