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Official Launch of NUS Medicine Postdoctoral Association

The NUS Medicine Postdoctoral Association was officially launched on 20th July 2018 commemorating a milestone for School.

The primary objectives of forming this association are to establish a comprehensive professional development framework, foster friendships and encourage collaborations among the postdoctoral fellows.

The event started with Associate Professor Kevin Tan Shyong Wei and Professor Hooi Shing Chuan congratulating the the team on the formation of the Association. Associate Professor Lina Lim Hsiu Kim shared her postdoctoral experience at John Hopkins University Medical School and her journey to becoming a faculty member in NUS Medicine and Residential Fellow at Tembusu College. Next, Dr Cheong Jit Kong recalled his experience as a founding member of Duke-NUS Early Career Scientists Association (DUNES). This was followed by Dr Inthrani's brief on the new professional development framework for the postdoctoral fellows.

The evening ended off with the community of postdoctoral fellows bonding over dinner. The event was a great success, as captured by the vibrant smiles on everyone. We look forward to more friendships and collaborations among the postdoctoral fellows!