Joint Research Grant: Microbiome in Health, Disease and Ageing - NUS Medical Sciences Cluster

BIGHEART recently organised a joint workshop on Personalised Medicine with participation from the National University Health System (NUHS), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Centre for Personalised and Precision Health (CPPH) and Medical Science Cluster (MSC).

Arising from the success of this workshop, BIGHEART in conjunction with the Office of the Deputy President (Research and Technology), CPPH from NUHS and MSC, NUS Medicine are jointly launching a seed grant call on 1st Feb 2019 to support projects in the area of Precision Medicine and Personalised Therapeutics. We are seeking original and innovative ideas in both basic and translational research for precision diagnostics, monitoring or personalised treatment for individuals or subpopulations of patients. These include novel solutions to existing sub-optimal diagnostics or treatment of specific diseases, or the development of high performance platforms with broad applications across multiple diseases.

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