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REINVENT Professional Development Framework for NUS Medicine Postdoctoral Fellows

The postdoctoral fellow community plays a vital role in developing medical sciences research at NUS Medicine. Given their diverse backgrounds and expertise, NUS Medicine recognises the need to support the growth of this community to help them maximise their potential and achieve their aspirations while contributing to the University and society as a whole.


To better streamline these efforts at postdoctoral training, REINVENT was established by the Postdoctoral Association to provide a framework for the professional development of our postdoctoral fellows. Comprising three major components, the REINVENT program is designed to equip our fellows with skills to be ready for future jobs either in academia, industry or administrative bodies depending on individual interests. Applicants who are selected for the full program comprising the core, elective and practicum components have to complete the training program within two years.


(Take note: It is possible to complete the program in a shorter time period depending on one's interest and how much time and resources the applicant wish to delegate to the program. The upper limit of 2 years is given to provide sufficient flexibility of time to our postdocs.)

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The core modules are open to the postdoctoral fellows selected for the full program. There are four core areas (mentoring, leadership, communication and career planning) which have been identified to be crucial in the professional development of the research fellows. All participants who qualify for the full program are required to attend these established short training programs, which would last between 1 to 2 days and would be fully paid for by the school. These courses would be most likely conducted in the second half of the year.


Participants are required to attend a 1-day training program by the NUS Centre for Medical Education on Supporting the Learners through Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring Workshop. The participants will be asked to write a reflection on someone they are mentoring at work, and how they may be able to provide better support for their mentee.


Participants are required to attend a 1-day John Maxwell leadership training workshop. They will also have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities, which includes taking on leadership roles with NUS Medicine Postdoctoral Association and also through the practicum.


Participants are required to attend a 2-day communication workshop conducted by the NUS Centre for English Language Communication. They will find opportunities to hone their skills further at communication challenges and sharing sessions.

REINVENT core modules v4



The electives are open to ALL NUS Med postdoctoral fellows. We note that postdocs have diverse needs and interests. Based on the needs assessment, we have identified three critical areas to channel more resources to support the development of our postdocs better. These three areas, namely teaching, developing research collaborations and expertise, and business & entrepreneurship have been crafted into three electives.

a) Teaching

Postdocs are required to attend a 2-day workshop organised by Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL), NUS. They will also have a teaching mentor assigned to them. To apply their skills, they can choose 1 of the following options:

  1. RFs will be enrolled by a department to teach in tutorials or practicals. Maximum of 4-5 hours per semester.
  2. Contribute to the creation of e-learning materials.

To view the list of modules you can teach in, kindly click on the following link ( If you are interested in teaching any of the slots, kindly email the module coordinator at the email provided on the website and CC us at, with an email subject heading: Teaching_REINVENT : Module code (XXXXXXX)

b) Research


Fellows who choose this elective are required to attend at least two scientific/grant writing and patents-related workshops. They can then go on to select 1 of the following options:

  1. Conduct an expert seminar. (e.g. They may have expertise in creating scientific illustrations. They could conduct a workshop for postdocs, graduate/FYP students);
  2. Building bridges: Postdocs & Junior Clinicians joint projects - Moot any level of collaboration with a clinician (preferably residents/Associate Consultants) and develop tangible outcomes or long-term plans

If you are interested in exploring the postdocs and junior clinicians joint projects or in conducting an expert seminar, kindly email us at with an email subject heading: Research_REINVENT

c) Business & Entrepreneurship


Lean LaunchPad (LLP) is a programme modelled after the highly successful US National Science Foundation I-Corps programme, now widely adopted by leading universities in the US.  Participants of the LLP program have demonstrated a changed mindset with positive impact in new knowledge gained and increased confidence in identifying which of several different pathways to commercialisation to pursue. We hope this elective will further drive innovations at NUS Medicine.

  1. Join LLP as an Entrepreneurial Lead for a two days’ boot camp + 10 weeks’ program (weekly 10-15 hours’ commitment from within or outside working hours). Supervisor’s endorsement is needed.

If you are interested in joining as an Entrepreneurial Lead, kindly email us at with an email subject heading: B&E_REINVENT


The capstone of REINVENT is the practicum, which is a compulsory component for participants selected for the full program. Postdoctoral fellows would form teams and undertake and execute a project of their choice that impacts NUS Medicine or the university as a whole positively. The proposals will be reviewed by a panel of experts to gauge impact, relevance and suitability.


In addition to the three major components of the REINVENT framework, it is highly recommended that the fellows compose a personalized development plan as part of their career planning. They may seek faculty members as mentors for this purpose from our school. We will work to compile a list of faculty members who would be interested in providing mentorship in various areas. Do follow the following link to learn more about developing your individual development plan.


  1. All NUS Medicine research fellows who have at least 6 month of post-doctoral experience at NUS, and who have at least 1.5 years left on your contract. (If you have less than 1.5 years on your contract but are likely to be renewed, please do indicate on your application form.)
  2. Yearly enrollment size will range between 20 - 25 candidates.
  3. Research will continue being the priority of all participants. Time management is critical, and they will have to carve out time for their career development.
  4. About 5% of time commitment is expected over a 2-year period.



Application for 2019 full REINVENT program is closed.


We would like to congratulate and welcome on board the pioneer group of FULL REINVENT PROGRAM participants.

  • Chang Xuling - Paediatrics
  • Daniel Teh Boon Loong -Biochemistry
  • Deng Shuo – Physiology
  • Lee Hui Ching, Michelle - Medicine
  • Li Zhenhua – Paediatrics
  • Lu Yi – Paediatrics
  • Nurulhuda Binte Mustafa - Medicine
  • Yuan Yi – Pharmacology
  • Zharkova, Olga -Surgery
  • Zhu Feng - Medicine



We look forward to recognizing the efforts of our research fellows who play a vital role in nurturing the minds of our undergraduate and graduate students, and pushing the boundaries of science.

We are looking forward to giving out the following awards to our deserving fellows. 

  1. Outstanding Research Fellow Award (open to all NUS Med Research Fellows)
  2. Outstanding Mentor Award for Research Fellows (open to all NUS Med Research Fellows)
  3. Certificates on completing the Full REINVENT Program


For all further enquires on the REINVENT program, kindly contact us at