Research - NUS Medical Sciences Cluster

Research in the Medical Sciences Cluster (MSC)

The MSC encompasses eight interdisciplinary research programmes that bring together researchers from different departments at NUS Medicine. By fostering collaborations and providing seed funding, the cluster aims to create impact by accelerating scientific understanding in key areas for Singapore and the region. This strong knowledge base will then serve as a starting point for developing effective preventive and therapeutic solutions against disease. Each research programme has one or more facilitators, who are established scientists in their respective fields. The role of the facilitators is to promote cohesiveness and collaborative efforts, as well as to mentor younger researchers.

  1. Ageing
  2. Autophagy
  3. Cancer
  4. Immunobiology
  5. Infectious Disease and Host-Pathogen Interactions
  6. Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases
  7. Neuroscience
  8. Synthetic Biology