Teaching elective - NUS Medical Sciences Cluster

Research Fellows who are looking to develop their teaching portfolio can choose from the following list of modules offered by NUS Medicine.

NoDepartmentModule Coordinator(s)Contact DetailsModule CodeModule titlePractical / TutorialVacancies 
Semester 1 AY19/20Semester 2 AY19/20
1BiochemistryMatthew Changbchcmw@nus.edu.sgLSM3246Synthetic BiologyTutorial
2BiochemistryMatthew Changbchcmw@nus.edu.sgLSM3247Practical Synthetic BiologyPractical
3BiochemistryThilo Hagenbchth@nus.edu.sgLSM2233Cell BiologyTutorial**New slots available for 1-2 RFs
4Microbiology & ImmunologySylvie Alonso / Veronique Angelimicas@nus.edu.sg / micva@nus.edu.sgLSM4226Infection & ImmunityPlease contact module coordinator for more information.
5Microbiology & ImmunologyKevin Tan/ Pablo Bifanimictank@nus.edu.sg / micpb@nus.edu.sgLSM4223Advances in Antimicrobial StrategiesPracticals and Tutorials1 RF recruited
6Microbiology & ImmunologyKevin Tan/ John Chenmictank@nus.edu.sg / miccjy@nus.edu.sgLSM2291Fundamental Techniques in MicrobiologyPracticals
7PharmacologyFred Wong Wai Shiuphcwongf@nus.edu.sgLSM3211Fundamental PharmacologyTutorials1 RF recruited/Full
8PharmacologyJudy Sngphcsngj@nus.edu.sgLSM 3219NeuropharmacologyPracticals and TutorialsNA 2 RFs recruited
9PhysiologyTsai Shih Yinphsts@nus.edu.sgLSM4232Advanced Cell BiologyPlease contact module coordinator for more information.Slot not available
10PhysiologyTan Yong-Yi, Andrewphstya@nus.edu.sgLSM4213Systems NeurobiologyPractical 6 RFs to TA the EMG car practical (Each TA should be able to attend one setup session [2 hours, time to be arranged] and either one or both practical sessions [29 October 2019, Tuesday, 9am-12 noon (Session 1) ;  5 November 2019, Tuesday, 9am-12 noon (Session 2)].
11PhysiologyCelestial Yap / Chen Zhixiongphstya@nus.edu.sg /  zhixiong_chen@nus.edu.sgMD1140 - Phase 1Normal Structure and FunctionPracticals Slots available (Practical) as below: 1) BP practical (7 hours on 14/10/19 at MD6); 2) Normal body structure and function-ECG practical (7 hours on 14/10/19 at MD14 ABC); 3) Acute cardiovascular responses with SimMan (37.5 hours within 3 days from 16-18/10/19, 1.5 hours per session with 25 sessions in total); 4) CAMS+Acute respiratoru responses with SimMan (62.5 hours within 4 days on 4, 6, 7 and 11/11/19, 0.5 hour or 2.5 hours per session with 25 sessions in total ). RFs can choose to teach in one or multiple sessions of each lesson. pls enquire the module coordinator.
12PhysiologyZakaria Almsherqiphszama@nus.edu.sgLSM3212 (Sem 1)Human Physiology: Cardiopulmonary SystemPracticals
13PhysiologyIvan Low Cherh Chiet / Lim Hsiu Kim, Linaphsilcc@nus.edu.sgLSM3212 (Sem 2)Human Physiology: Cardiopulmonary SystemPracticals**New slots available for 2-3 RFs
Tan Yong-Yi, Andrew/Soong Tuck Wah
STEP-NUS Sunburst Brain Camp 2019(Jun 11-12)
2-4 RFs needed for EMG car workshop. There are two sessions:Tuesday, 11, June 2019, 2pm-6pm (Session 1);Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 1pm-5pm (Session 2)
15Microbiology & Immunology
"Vincent Chow/ Nicholas Gascoigne/
Paul Macary"
micccl@nus.edu.sg (Chan Chuu Ling - coordinating TA)
MD2140 - Phase II
"Immunology Practical: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Autoimmunity Practical
27 Aug and 30 Aug 2019 (1.30 to 5.30pm)
These are repeat sessions for 2 batches of students.
* 3 slots are available"
16Microbiology & Immunology
Vincent Chow/ Timothy Barkham
micccl@nus.edu.sg (Chan Chuu Ling - coordinating TA)
M2 Microbiology - Phase II
"Bacteriology Demo: Meet the Bugs Practical
6 Sep 2019 (11am to 12pm)
Handwashing and Cases Practical
11 Sep and 13 Sep 2019 (11am to 1pm)
Virology Practical
16 Sep 2019 (2.30 to 4.30pm)
Protozoa demonstration Practical
20 Sep 2019 (3 to 4pm)
* 7 slots are available"
17Microbiology & Immunology Norbert Lehming/ Chung Ching Ming, Maxeymicccl@nus.edu.sg (Chan Chuu Ling - coordinating TA)
LSM2191Laboratory Techniques in Life SciencesPracticals1 RF recruited/Full
18Microbiology & ImmunologyDr Chu Jang Hann, Justinmicccl@nus.edu.sg (Chan Chuu Ling - coordinating TA)
LSM3225Molecular Microbiology in Human DiseasesPracticals1 RF recruited/Full
19Microbiology & ImmunologySim Tiow Suanmicccl@nus.edu.sg (Chan Chuu Ling - coordinating TA)
LSM3232MicrobiologyPracticalsThursdays (2 - 6pm)
Practical Dates: 16, 30 Jan, 13 Feb, 5, 19 Mar, 2, 16 Apr 2020


Interested RFs, kindly email the module coordinators at the email provided in the table above and cc us at nusmedPDA@nus.edu.sg; (Attention: REINVENT_Teaching).

Contact time is limited to a maximum of 5 hours/semester unless there is mutual agreement between the RFs and his/her PI for the additional hours.

Applicants should check with the respective module coordinators about the content, class size, teaching material needed or to be provided, teaching hours, and mode of delivery before taking on a class so that you can prepare better. Also talk to your coordinators if you would like to receive student feedback.


Other faculty members who would like to make their module available for our RFs to teach tutorials or practical, kindly contact us with your module details at nusmedPDA@nus.edu.sg

Teaching resources

Interested postdocs can also sign up for a variety of teaching related workshops by Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, NUS. These workshops provide excellent opportunities to learn evidence-informed strategies, to develop pedagogy and curricula and also introduce the educators to different educational technologies. These workshops are free so do register early if you are interested. Please refer to the link below for CDTL’S workshop/course schedule.