Associate Professor Lim Kah Leong receives the distinguished 2018 President's Science Award for ground breaking work in Parkinson's Disease - NUS Medical Sciences Cluster

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Associate Professor Lim Kah Leong for receiving the 2018 President’s Science Award! This is the highest accolade for top research scientists and engineers for their outstanding contributions to the scientific community in Singapore. Associate Prof Lim is part of a quartet studying Parkinson’s Disease, where they had successfully created the world’s first live human midbrain in a laboratory. The award winning team consists of Professor Tan Eng King and Associate Professor Louis Tan Chew Seng from the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) and Professor Ng Huck Hui from the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS).

Measuring about 2 mm to 3 mm long, tissue mass no bigger than a grain of rice, can be used to help researchers to develop treatments for, and conduct studies into, Parkinson’s and other ageing-related brain diseases. The midbrain is termed the information superhighway of the human body, and controls an individual’s hearing, visual and motor movements. Studies have found that structural changes in the midbrain are associated with Parkinson’s disease. Prior to this game-changing research, researchers studying Parkinson’s often relied on simulations or animal studies. Now with these mini-brains, researchers can have a better alternative to animal models and human samples from biopsy. They can even use these lab-grown globules of human brains to conduct research on drugs compounds or interventions to combat the disease. Eventually, mankind can benefit from these scientific discovery and technological innovations.

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