Flow Cytometry Laboratory - NUS Medical Sciences Cluster



The table below show the charges for the various equipment. Flow Cytometry Unit also carry a range of related consumables and reagents.

Feel free to contact us to know more!


  Internal user External user
Cell Analysis     
  User Operated Staff operated User operated Staff operated
BD LSRFortessa $39/hour $90/hour $52/hour $120/hour
CyAn ADP $39/hour $90/hour $52/hour $120/hour
CytoFLEX LX $39/hour $90/hour $52/hour $120/hour
Cell Sorting     
Moflo Astrios $70/hour $96/hour
Super MACS $45/ (excluding antibody beads and column) $60/ (excluding antibody beads and column)
Data analysis User operated Staff operated
  $39/ hour $90/hour
Sample preparation $90/ hour $120/ hour




All users will be trained by our facility staff.

We also offer chargeable hands-on training programme which provides comprehensive coverage on the field at. Please contact Wang Xiaoning (medwx@nus.edu.sgto confirm the training slot.




Programme Outline:

Activity Duration
  Introduction to Flow Cytometry 30 mins
  Q & A 15 mins
  Wet Lab Practical Session 1: Sample Staining 45 mins
  Wet Lab Practical Session 2: Running samples with 2 analysers:      CytoFlex LC & BD LSR Fortessa 60 mins

Samples and reagents are provided by facility. The participants may try their own cell samples but please notify us in advance.

Venue: Flow Cytometry Laboratory Unit, Level B1, Block MD1

In collaboration with industry partners, we also provide advanced training for operators of core facilities located in Southeast Asia.