Singapore’s first and most established medical school celebrated its 113th year on 3 July 2018 with an unveiling of a declaration of its raison d’etre in the 21st century.


““The NUS Medicine Vision, Mission and Values are lived and expressed daily through the hard work of our alumni, staff and students. They also speak to the future generations of students, who will further build on the legacy that has earned the School a special place in Singapore Medicine,” said NUS Medicine dean, Associate Professor Yeoh Khay Guan.”


“Our mission is to produce the best doctors and nurses to serve the people of Singapore, and to continue to find better solutions for tomorrow. While the focus of our work is constant, the environment in which we operate is dynamic and ever-changing. This presents the School with new opportunities as well as fresh challenges, that we will meet with renewed conviction and a firm purpose, driven by the values we hold dear.”

Alumni, staff and students putting thought to paper.

A group deep in discussion.

Then and Now, Past and Present – a group goes over key points.

Dr Low Lip Ping (Class of 1965) sharing his views.