Delegates working on a student collaborative project pose for a group photo.


By Ho Ding Heng, Phase II Medicine Student

I was humbled to be given the opportunity to attend the Asian Medical Schools Conference 2018 hosted by Hanoi University in Vietnam. It was attended by ASEAN delegates from countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. During the conference, ASEAN delegates presented their research projects and discussed pertinent issues regard their countries’ healthcare systems. The research projects presented by the ASEAN delegates were enriching and insightful, as they provided perspectives of the socioeconomic and healthcare landscapes of different ASEAN countries. The interactions with delegates were meaningful and rewarding as well. I gained a better understanding of other ASEAN medical schools, such as their academic curriculum, examinations for bachelor degree and university entry application process.


Moreover, the Vietnamese students were excellent hosts, hospitable and amicable. They would bring us to tour places around Hanoi, help us to buy breakfast and always ensured that we are safe. Most importantly, the friendships forged with the different ASEAN delegates were invaluable and rewarding, transcending language barriers and geographical boundaries.


Retrospectively, this Summit has made me realise how big the world really is, and we are a small part of the global family. It is a useful perspective with which to appreciate global health and the challenges as well as opportunities that come with it.

Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam Representatives forming a partnership after the focus group discussion session.

NUS Student Representatives in front of the Alexandre Yersin Statue, the first headmaster of Hanoi Medical University.

NUS Representatives at the 7th ASEAN Medical Deans’ Summit Opening Ceremony.