Collaboration - Department of Psychological Medicine

Educational Collaboration

We offer clinical experiences in Psychiatry to residents from various other departments like Family Medicine, Paediatrics, Geriatric Medicine and Neurology. Clinical attachments and exchange programs with other universities are aided by tapping onto funding by potential donors.


The clinician educators attended the Harvard Macy course on “Essentials for Clinician Teachers”, organised by NHG from 2009 – 2011. This course helped the busy clinicians to develop knowledge and essential skills to become better teachers and educators. The course was timed to prepare clinician teachers for the migration of PG training system to one with USA-orientation and ACGME affiliation and the trainers were from the Harvard Macy Institute.


In order to help improve the skillsets of those who are involved in teaching and facilitating health professional students, our clinical educators could also enroll in the Certificate of Completion in Medical & Health Professions Education (CenMED Certificate Programme) offered by the NUS Center of Medical Education (CenMED). This program aims to help current and aspiring healthcare professionals and education administrators to develop relevant knowledge & skills in contemporary teaching-learning principles, strategies and to learn the underpinning theories effectively. Our Associate Consultants, Dr Lui Yit Shiang, Dr Teng Jia Ying and Dr Soo Shuenn Chiang, have been enrolled into this programme in 2013.