Prospective Students - Department of Psychological Medicine

Our department has worked collaboratively with the Deanery to advance the school’s vision 2020 to be the best medical school in Asia. Educational excellence is one of the essential missions of the department and the senior academic faculty aims to provide mentoring and career development opportunities across a continuum of levels – medical students, resident physicians, clinical fellows, research fellows and community providers.


We have a network of adjunct faculty with strong portfolio aid in collaborative teaching across the various training sites. Student feedback scores have also improved, rating NUH as the best hospital for Psychiatry teaching in Singapore. With such a passionate and strong team of teachers, our department has also won the NUS’s Clinical Training Excellence Award for both 2014 and 2015.


Our department has secured several donations such as the “Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Prize in Geriatrics and General Psychiatry” awarded to the undergraduate medical student with the most outstanding research proposal and publication. Other donations include the “Jackie Ng’s Prize in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Maternal Wellness” and the “Psychiatry and Neuroscience Medal & Prize” awarded to the outstanding medical student in Year 4 psychiatry clerkship. Our top students are also recognised with awards like the Eli Lilly Gold Medal.