Kah Leong Lim

Lim Kah Leong

  • Associate Professor, Department of Physiology
Administrative Appointment(s)
  • Head, Deparment of Physiology, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
  • Visiting Lead, Strategic Research Alliances, National Neuroscience Institute
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR
Research Interest(s)
  • Parkinson's disease: mechanisms, models, marker & therapy
Recent Publications
  • 1. Nucifora FC, Nucifora LG, Ng CH, Arbez N, GuoY, Roby E, Shani V, Engelender S, Wei D, Wang XF, Li T, Moore DJ, Pletnikova O, Troncoso J, Sawa A, Dawson TM, Smith W, Lim KL, Ross CA. 2016 Jun. Ubiqutination via K27 and K29 chains signals aggregation and neuronal protection of LRRK2 by WSB1. Nature Communications. 7: 11792. doi: 10.1038/ncomms11792.
  • 2. Lim GG, Chua DSK, Basil AH, Chan HY, Chai C, Arumugam T Lim KL. 2015 Jul. Cytosolic PTEN-induced putative kinase 1 is stabilized by NF-κB pathway and promotes non-selective mitophagy Journal of Biological Chemistry. 290(27):16882-93. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M114.622399.
  • 3. Li L, Zhang CW, Chen GYJ, Zhu B, YW, Chai C, Xu Q, Tan EK, Kung SKP, Lim KL*, Yao SQ.* 2014 Jan. A Two-Photon Small Molecule Enzymatic Probe for Specific and Sensitive Detection of Monoamine Oxidase B Activity in Parkinson’s Disease Models. Nature Communications. 13;5:3276. doi: 10.1038/ncomms4276. (*co-corresponding)
  • 4. Ng CH, Guan MSH, Koh C, Ouyang X, Yu F, Tan EK, O’Neill S, Zhang X, Chung J, Lim KL. 2012 Oct. AMP kinase activation mitigates dopaminergic dysfunction and mitochondrial abnormalities in Drosophila models of Parkinson’s disease. Journal of Neuroscience. 32:14311–14317. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0499-12.2012.
  • 5. Lee JY, Nagano Y, Taylor JP, Lim KL, Yao TP. 2010 May. Disease-causing mutations in Parkin impair mitochondrial ubiquitination, aggregation and HDAC6-dependent mitophagy. Journal of Cell Biology. 189, 671-9. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201001039.