Yoon Pin Lim

Lim Yoon Pin

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Joint Appointment(s)
  • Adjunct Scientist, Singapore Eye Research Institute
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR
  • BSc, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Research Interest(s)
  • Cancer
  • Oncogenes
  • Signal Transduction
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • Insulin resistance and Diabetes
Recent Publications
  • 1. Iyengar PV, Jaynes P, Rodon L, Lama D, Law KP, Lim YP, Verma C3, Seoane J, Eichhorn PJ. 2015 Oct. USP15 regulates SMURF2 kinetics through C-lobe mediated deubiquitination. Sci Rep. 5:14733. doi: 10.1038/srep14733. 26435193.
  • 2. Goh WQ, Ow GS, Kuznetsov VA, Chong S, Lim YP. 2015 Jun. DLAT subunit of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex is upregulated in gastric cancer-implications in cancer therapy. Am J Transl Res. 7(6):1140-51. 10.1038/srep14733. 26279757.
  • 3. Man X, Megraw TL, Lim YP. (2015 Mar-Apr) Cep68 can be regulated by Nek2 and SCF complex. Eur J Cell Biol. 94(3-4):162-72. doi: 10.1016/j.ejcb.2015.01.004. 25704143.
  • 4. Shin EM, Hay HS, Lee MH, Goh JN, Tan TZ, Sen YP, Lim SW, Yousef EM, Ong HT, Thike AA, Kong X, Wu Z, Mendoz E, Sun W, Salto-Tellez M, Lim CT, Lobie PE, Lim YP, Yap CT, Zeng Q, Sethi G, Lee MB, Tan P, Goh BC, Miller LD, Thiery JP, Zhu T, Gaboury L, Tan PH, Hui KM, Yip GW, Miyamoto S, Kumar AP, Tergaonkar V. 2014 Sep. DEAD-box helicase DP103 defines metastatic potential of human breast cancers. J Clin Invest. 124(9):3807-24. doi: 10.1172/JCI73451. 25083991.
  • 5. Cao X, Kong CM, Mathi KM, Lim YP, Cacheux-Rataboul V, Wang X. 2014 Aug. The use of transformed IMR90 cell model to identify the potential extra-telomeric effects of hTERT in cell migration and DNA damage response. BMC Biochem. 15:17. doi: 10.1186/1471-2091-15-17. 25098897.