Lieng Hsi Ling

Ling Lieng Hsi

  • Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
  • Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, National University Heart Centre, National University Health System
Academic Qualifications
  • MBBS, University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • MD, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • FRCP, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • FRCP, Royal College of Physicians of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • FAMS (Cardiology), Academy of Medicine, Singapore
Research Interest(s)
  • Imaging
  • Vascular Disease
Recent Publications
  • 1. Tan HT, Lim TK, Richards AM, Kofidis T, Teoh KL, Ling LH, Chung MC. 2015 Sep. Unravelling the proteome of degenerative human mitral valves. Proteomics. 15(17):2934-44. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201500040. 25914152.
  • 2. Xu CF, Tan ES, Feng L, Santhanakrishnan R, Chan MM, Nyunt SZ, Ng TP, Ling LH, Richards AM, Lam CS, Lim TW. 2015 Aug. Electrocardiographic Criteria for Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Asians Differs from Criteria Derived from Western Populations-Community-based Data from an Asian Population. Ann Acad Med Singapore. 44(8):274-83. 26477959.
  • 3. Wong LL, Armugam A, Sepramaniam S, Karolina DS, Lim KY, Lim JY, Chong JP, Ng JY, Chen YT, Chan MM, Chen Z, Yeo PS, Ng TP, Ling LH, Sim D, Leong KT, Ong HY, Jaufeerally F, Wong R, Chai P, Low AF, Lam CS, Jeyaseelan K, Richards AM. 2015 Apr. Circulating microRNAs in heart failure with reduced and preserved left ventricular ejection fraction. Eur J Heart Fail. 17(4):393-404. doi: 10.1002/ejhf.223. 25619197.
  • 4. Vu TD, Pal SN, Ti LK, Martinez EC, Rufaihah AJ, Ling LH, Lee CN, Richards AM, Kofidis T. 2015 Mar. An autologous platelet-rich plasma hydrogel compound restores left ventricular structure, function and ameliorates adverse remodeling in a minimally invasive large animal myocardial restoration model: a translational approach: Vu and Pal "Myocardial Repair: PRP, Hydrogel and Supplements". Biomaterials. 45:27-35. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2014.12.013. 25662492.
  • 5. Lim SL, Gao Q, Nyunt MS, Gong L, Lunaria JB, Lim ML, Ling A, Lam CS, Richards AM, Ling LH, Ng TP. 2015. Vascular Health Indices and Cognitive Domain Function: Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Studies. J Alzheimers Dis. 50(1):27-40. doi: 10.3233/JAD-150516. 26639958.