Philip Keith Moore

Moore Philip Keith

  • Professor, Department of Pharmacology
  • Professor, Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore
Administrative Appointment(s)
  • Director of Research Policies and Administration, Office of the Deputy President (Research and Technology), National University of Singapore
  • Executive Director, NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, University of London, King's College, United Kingdom
  • BSc (Hons, First Class), University of London, King's College, United Kingdom
Research Interest(s)
  • Gasomediators
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
Recent Publications
  • 1. Li L, Bhatia M, Zhu YZ, Zhu YC, Ramnath RD, Wang ZJ, Anuar FB, Whiteman M, Salto-Tellez M, Moore PK. Jul 2005. Hydrogen sulfide is a novel mediator of lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in the mouse. FASEB J. 19(9):1196-8. Epub 2005 Apr 29. doi: 10.1096/fj.04-3583fje. 15863703.
  • 2. Bhatia, M., Sidhapuriwala, J., Moochhala, S.M. & Moore, P.K. May 2005. Hydrogen sulphide is a mediator of carrageenan-induced hindpaw oedema in the rat. Br. J. Pharmacol. 145(2):141-4. doi: 10.1038/sj.bjp.0706186. 15753944.
  • 3. Rose, P., Moore, P.K., Shen, H.M., Ong, C.N. & Whiteman, M. Jul 2005. Hydrogen sulfide protects colon cancer cells from chemopreventative agent b-phenylethyl isothiocyanate-induced apoptosis. World Journal of Gastroenterology. 14;11(26):3990-7. 15996021.
  • 4. Rose, P., Whiteman, M., Armstrong, J.S., Moore, P.K. & Zhu, Y.Z. Jun 2005. Bioactive S-alk(en)yl cysteine sulfoxides metabolites in the genus Allium: The Chemistry of potential therapeutic agents. Natural Products Report. 22(3):351-68. Epub 2005 May 10. doi: 10.1039/b417639c. 16010345.
  • 5. Lee, S.W., Hu, Y.S., Lu,Q., Moore, P.K., Wong, P.T. & Bian, J.S. Aug 2006. Hydrogen sulphide regulates calcium homeostasis in BV-2 microglial cells. Glia. 1;54(2):116-24. doi: 10.1002/glia.20362. 16718684.