Chia Ghee, Judy Sng

Sng Chia Ghee, Judy

  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, Kanazawa University, Japan
  • BSc (Honours), National University of Singapore, Singapore
Research Interest(s)
  • e-Learning Platforms
  • Inter-professional Teaching
  • Digital Tagging
  • Virtual Patient Simulations¬†
Recent Publications
  • 1. Oikawa H, Goh WW, Lim VK, Wong L, Sng JC. 2015 Dec. Valproic acid mediates miR-124 to down-regulate a novel protein target, GNAI1. Neurochem Int. 91:62-71. doi: 10.1016/j.neuint.2015.10.010. 26519098.
  • 2. Lennartsson A, Arner E, Fagiolini M, Saxena A, Andersson R, Takahashi H, Noro Y, Sng J, Sandelin A, Hensch TK, Carninci P. 2015 Dec. Remodeling of retrotransposon elements during epigenetic induction of adult visual cortical plasticity¬†by HDAC inhibitors. Epigenetics Chromatin. 8:55. doi: 10.1186/s13072-015-0043-3. 26673794.
  • 3. Lo SQ, Koh DX, Sng JC, Augustine GJ. 2015 Apr. All-optical mapping of barrel cortex circuits based on simultaneous voltage-sensitive dye imaging and channelrhodopsin-mediated photostimulation. Neurophotonics. 2(2):021013. doi: 10.1117/1.NPh.2.2.021013. 26158003.
  • 4. Ricchiuto P, Sng JC, Goh WW. 2015. Analysing extremely small sized ratio datasets. Int J Bioinform Res Appl. 11(3):268-80. 26561022.