Shu Qin, Delicia Ooi

Ooi Shu Qin, Delicia

  • Senior Research Fellow, Department of Medicine
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS (Singapore)
  • BSc (Honours), School of Medicine, Flinders University (Australia)
Recent Publications
  • 1. Ooi DS, Tan VM, Ong SG, Chan YH, Heng CK, Lee YS: Differences in AMY1 Gene Copy Numbers Derived from Blood, Buccal Cells and Saliva Using Quantitative and Droplet Digital PCR Methods: Flagging the Pitfall. PLoS One 2017, 12(1):e0170767.
  • 2. Ooi DS, Ong SG, Heng CK, Loke KY, Lee YS: In-vitro function of upstream visfatin polymorphisms that are associated with adverse cardiometabolic parameters in obese children. BMC Genomics 2016, 17(1):974.
  • 3. TAN, V. M., OOI, D. S., KAPUR, J., WU, T., CHAN, Y. H., HENRY, C. J. & LEE, Y. S. 2015. The role of digestive factors in determining glycemic response in a multiethnic Asian population. Eur J Nutr.
  • 4. TAN, S. Z.*, OOI, D. S.*, SHEN, H. M. & HENG, C. K. 2014b. The atherogenic effects of serum amyloid A are potentially mediated via inflammation and apoptosis. J Atheroscler Thromb, 21, 854-67.
  • 5. TAN, K. M.*, OOI, S. Q.*, ONG, S. G., KWAN, C. S., CHAN, R. M., SENG POH, L. K., MENDOZA, J., HENG, C. K., LOKE, K. Y. & LEE, Y. S. 2014a. Functional characterization of variants in MC4R gene promoter region found in obese children. J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 99, E931-5.