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Candidates admitted to the graduate programme will undertake research under the supervision of staff members from the School for their period of candidature, at the end of which, they submit a thesis that is examined by a Board of Examiners. In addition, they are required to fulfil a coursework component comprising of the following to graduate either with a MSc or a PhD degree:
MSc Programme
A total of 16 modular credits comprising of two core modules + elective modules (at Level-5000)
PhD Programme
A total of 24 modular credits comprising of two core modules + elective modules (at Level-5000 & 6000)
To be confirmed a PhD candidate, a student is required to pass a PhD qualifying examination within two years from the date of admission.

Candidates deemed weak in English by the School would also have to sit for the Diagnostic English Test and take additional English Language courses conducted by the Centre for English Language Communication.

Students from Universities where the medium of undergraduate instruction is not in English are required to take ES5002 (Advanced Level Writing) regardless of their performance in the Diagnostic English Test.

All candidates must spend a minimum period of residence in Singapore as follows:
MSc Programme
6 months (one semester)
PhD Programme
18 months (three semesters)
  1. Payment of fees

  2. Satisfying all curricular requirements of the programme of study

  3. Satisfying other departmental requirements such as teaching assistance
Periods of study leave and overseas fieldwork do not count toward residency. In addition, MSc and PhD candidates must be resident during the semester in which they submit their thesis for examination.
The following maximum candidature periods are inclusive of periods of approved study leave and leave of absence.
MSc Programme
36 months
PhD Programme
60 months

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