Graduate Programme

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Degrees Offered

Students are enrolled for the Master of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme at admission and fulfill requirements to graduate either with a generic MSc or PhD degree. There is no specialization of the degrees awarded.

Programme Features

Students are engaged in supervised research with staff members from any of the departments for their candidature, at the end of which, they submit a thesis that is examined by a Board of Examiners. In addition to the research component, students are required to pass a coursework component. 


Students who are unable to find a research supervisor can opt for the laboratory rotation scheme to find a suitable supervisor.

PhD students and MSc students who wish to upgrade to PhD are required to pass a Qualifying Examination to be confirmed a PhD candidate. Each PhD student will have a Thesis Advisory Committee which is responsible for monitoring their progress and making recommendations on the suitability of the candidates for submission of their theses.

Only those candidates who have fulfilled the criteria for PhD will be awarded the PhD degree. All other candidates will have to fulfil the criteria for the MSc in order to be awarded the MSc degree.


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