Master of Science

The School of Medicine Graduate Programme is a research oriented programme aimed at training competent biomedical scientists and clinician-scientists who will spearhead and drive the medical biotechnology efforts in the industry.

Students are engaged in supervised research with staff members from any of the departments for their period of candidature, at the end of which, they submit a thesis that is examined by a Board of Examiners. The students will enroll for the MSc or PhD programme at admission and fulfill requirements to graduate either with a generic MSc or PhD degree. There is no specialization of the degrees awarded.

In addition to the research component, students are required to take and pass coursework, which comprises of two core modules and elective modules totaling 16 modular credits (MC). The two core modules are MDG5108 (Biostatistics for Basic Research) and MDG5771 (Graduate Research Seminar & Workshop). Students may choose their elective modules from those offered by the School, Department of Biological Sciences or Research Institutes affiliated with the National University of Singapore. The electives for fulfillment of PhD coursework requirement must be graded and of at least 2MC. Students may take Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail) modules to widen their knowledge but note that such modules cannot be used towards CAP calculation.

You may view our Prospective Students page for more information.


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