newsinfomain Healthy habits start early 17Jul2018

Schools have been increasing their efforts to cultivate healthy habits in children. For example, Da Qiao Primary School has healthier meal options after joining the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) Healthy Meals in Schools programme.

But getting children to maintain these healthy habits is not easy, and parents play an equally crucial role by continuing to serve healthy meals at home. It is also imperative for children to have an active lifestyle. However, this may also be difficult for some working parents with busy schedules, or those with elderly parents to care for.

Dr Yvonne Lim, NUS Medicine alumna and consultant at NUH’s division of Paediatric Endocrinology said, “Parents, caregivers and teachers are predominant figures in a pre-schooler's life, whereas peers play an increasingly greater role as the child grows older”.

“Parents must first be role models in carrying out good habits. For the habits to be cemented, allow the child to associate the feeling of fun and positivity with these habits,” she added.

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