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The National University Hospital (NUH) opens a new one-stop specialist centre on 14 January 2019 to provide outpatient care for young patients.

The new NUHkids Specialist Centre consolidates the paediatric outpatient services — medical, nursing and clinical support services such as art therapy, child life therapy, dietetics and rehabilitation — under one roof, making it more convenient for the parents and patients. Some services has also expanded to provide better care for patients. The Paediatric Feeding and Nutrition Clinic, for instance, has a kitchenette and an observatory room with a one-way mirror that allows the doctors and parents to observe the child’s interaction with the therapist. A child is much more likely to behave naturally when there is less attention and may also react differently when away from their parents.

Associate Professor Daniel Goh from the Department of Paediatrics at NUS Medicine and Chair of the Khoo Teck Puat – National University Children’s Medical Institute (KTP-NUCMI) at NUH, said “While good clinical care remains our focus, as paediatricians, we are constantly thinking of ways to take the fear and anxiety out of children when they come to the hospital. For some of our young warriors, the treatment process can be challenging in more ways than one. We try to ease the experience for them by creating a therapeutic and supportive environment that they can relate to. This explains the various nature-related themes in the building. To this end, we have also sought out like-minded collaborators with the aim of making an outpatient visit for little ones less intimidating and a more pleasant one.”

The centre follows an overall theme that has a "playscape" element and each floor has a different theme — City Scape, Arctic, Savannah and Rainforest — all vibrantly designed for an interesting visual experience.

For more information on the NUHkids Specialist Centre, click here.

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