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An NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine publication, “The COVID-19 Chronicles” is a series of educational illustrations about the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) outbreak. Watch this space as we bring you regular updates on all the things you should know about COVID-19.

#72: Chill Out

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[09.07.2020] While we begin to enjoy each other's company again, we should still be on our guard and take all necessary precautions.

#71: Contact-less

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[07.07.2020] Avoid contact – or in other words, go ''𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘢𝘤𝘵-𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴'' – with the virus by using tap-and-go payment methods where possible.

#70: Having Fun With Masks

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[04.07.2020] We hope that everyone has been keeping well and do not forget your masks when you head out!

#69: Keep Fit. Keep Safe.

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[02.07.2020] The ball is in your court now – Remember to practise safe-distancing at all times so that we can keep safe while keeping fit.

#68: Stepping Out, Cautiously

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[30.06.2020] As we all adjust slowly to a new normal way of life, let us remember to head out with caution, mask up and avoid crowded situations.

#67: Get Tested Early

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[27.06.2020] If you feel yourself developing symptoms of COVID-19, see your family doctor immediately.

#66: Game-Changer?

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[25.06.2020] ICYMI: Scientists here in Singapore have developed five antibodies with potent neutralising activity for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

#65: Give the Virus No Chance at the Shops

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[23.06.2020] If we continue to take all necessary precautions, we can continue to resume activities and keep each other safe.

#64: Different Types of Dads

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[21.06.2020] Dads may come in all shapes and sizes, but they're all our favourite heroes. Happy Father's Day!

#63: Dining Out During Phase 2

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[18.06.2020] As we celebrate our nation moving into Phase 2 tomorrow with long-awaited meet-ups with loved ones, let's be responsible in keeping up with safe distancing measures and other needful precautions!

#62: When You Work From Home You Get To...

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[16.06.2020] As we enter Phase 2 of Singapore's reopening, do continue to work from home as much as you can to keep yourself and the community safe.

#61: Video Call Fatigue

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[13.06.2020] Are those frequent video calls draining your energy? Here is a word of advice from Dr Cornelia Chee, Head of the Department of Psychological Medicine at NUS Medicine.

#60: Protecting Others From Your Droplets

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[11.06.2020] Face masks are still required as the default as they closely and completely cover the nose and mouth.

#59: Expanding Active Testing

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[09.06.2020] As part of the new strategy to combat COVID-19, Singapore is ramping up its testing capacity, particularly among higher-risk and more vulnerable groups.

#58: Commute Safely

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[06.06.2020] If you need to be out and about, remember to be socially responsible to keep yourself and those around you safe while commuting.

#57: Spot the Mistake

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[04.06.2020] Can you spot the mistake in each scenario? As we slowly move into the new normal, we have to remember to look out for these things to keep everyone safe.

#56: Download TraceTogether

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[02.06.2020] As we enter Phase 1 of the post-Circuit Breaker period, let's continue to do our part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 by downloading the TraceTogether app.

#55: Stay Home, Stay Active

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[30.05.2020] Don't forget to keep moving! As we stay home, we have to remember to put in the extra effort to maintain our physical fitness.

#54: The New Normal

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[28.05.2020] Every cloud has a silver lining – Let's stay positive as we adapt to the new normal and continue to do our part in slowing down the COVID-19 outbreak.

#53: Back to School Safely

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[26.05.2020] As schools look to reopening, it is important to prepare our kids for the changes they can expect to make. However, let's try to exercise restraint and not overwhelm them too!

#52: Vaccines Take Time

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[24.05.2020] While we eagerly await a vaccine, let's remember that it is a long process for scientists to deconde and understand the virus to formulate something safe and effective for humans.

#51: Staying Mentally Healthy

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[21.05.2020] It has been nearly 7 weeks of 'Circuit Breaker' here in Singapore! As we look to slowly open up, let's remember keep with our mental well-being while staying home.

#50: Don't Let Our Efforts Go To Waste

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[19.05.2020] Though the end of the 'Circuit Breaker' may be near, let's continue to make our every step count.

#49: Buyers Beware

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[16.05.2020] Let's stay vigilant and not fall for scams claiming to prevent, diagnose or treat COVID-19.

#48: Be A Good Neighbour

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[14.05.2020] With different roles and responsibilities being carried out from home in this time, let's remember to spare a thought for our neighbours through our actions!

#47: Nurses in the Time of COVID-19

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[12.05.2020] This International Nurses Day, let us thank all the nurses out there for their selfless devotion in nursing the world back to health.

#46: Happy Mother's Day

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles46
[10.05.2020] To all the strong women in our lives, Happy Mother's Day!

#45: Keeping Up with the Novel Virus

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles45
[09.05.2020] The COVID-19 outbreak is constantly evolving, do catch up on the latest updates and advisories from trusted sources!

#44: Calling for Volunteers

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles44
[07.05.2020] Become a volunteer with the SG Healthcare Corps today!

#43: Don't Let Your Guard Down

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles43
[05.05.2020] The number of cases, might be falling, but our fight isn't over yet!

#42: Life in the Dormitories

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[02.05.2020] Our migrant friends and the medical teams on-site are working together to do their best to curb the spread of COVID-19.

#41: Keep Up The Good Work

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles41
[30.04.2020] Whether intentional or not, we hope you have been keeping well this 'circuit breaker' period.

#40: Working Together to Keep Everyone Safe

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles40
[28.04.2020] To all our migrant friends and healthcare professionals, a big thank you for your invaluable contribution to Singapore!

#39: Protect Others

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles39
[25.04.2020] Every small act counts – you don't have to be a superhero to be able to protect others.

#38: Thank You, Teachers and Partners

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles38
[24.04.2020] A huge thank you to our teaching partners who have assisted us in the training and assessing of doctors over the years!

#37: Keeping Our Spirits Up

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles37
[23.04.2020] If cabin fever is beginning to kick in for you and your household, here are some suggestions for keeping yourselves sane.

#36: Stay Home. Stay Healthy.

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[21.04.2020] "Weights vs chips?" Remember to stay active as you stay home, especially with the extended 'circuit breaker' period till 1st June 2020.

#35: Operation Dormitories

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles35
[18.04.2020] We're all in this fight together. Thank you to the medical support teams providing care to our migrant friends!

#34: SG COVID-19 Symptom Checker

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles34
[16.04.2020] The COVID-19 Symptoms Checker is a useful tool for making a quick check on your symptoms.

#33: Don't Spread False Information

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[14.04.2020] Be sure to check your sources before sharing COVID19-related information with your friends and family! When in doubt, stick to trusted information sources.

#32: Do Your Part

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles32
[11.04.2020] If we all do our part and stay home, we'll be able to return to regular life sooner rather than later.

#31: TraceTogether

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles31
[09.04.2020] Download the TraceTogether app and help stop the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing.

#30: Let's Work Together

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[07.04.2020] It's tough being away from loved ones in this time, but think of it as showing your love for them in a different way.

#29: To Go Out Or Not?

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[04.04.2020] Avoid going out except for necessities like groceries, food and other essential things.

#28: Stay-Home Notice

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[02.04.2020] Besides minimising contact with others, do monitor your health closely and maintain good personal hygiene at all times when serving a stay-home notice.

#27: Safe Distancing

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[31.03.2020] Keeping a safe distance with each other and maintaining good hygiene is our best bet to curbing the spread of COVID-19.

#26: Low Risk Isn't No Risk

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[28.03.2020] The COVID-19 virus doesn't discriminate! Whether young or old, everyone has a part to play in practicing social distancing to flatten the curve.

#25: Unsung Heroes

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[26.03.2020] In our fight against COVID-19, let's not forget all the unsung heroes who help make this possible.

#24: Neighbourhood Heroes

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles24 200324
[24.03.2020] Let us all remember to lend a helping hand and support those in need, whenever and wherever we can.

#23: Keep The Elderly Safe

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles23 200321
[21.03.2020] If you are unwell, postpone visits to your loved ones to keep them safe from the virus.

#22: Fully Recovered

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles22 200319
[19.03.2020] COVID-19 patients in Singapore have to go through stringent tests before they are given the green light to discharge from the hospital.

#21: Be A Responsible Worker

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles21 200317
[17.03.2020] We can't emphasize the importance of social responsibility enough in this time; stay home if you are unwell and avoid going to work, school or attending social events.

#20: Only Serious Cases

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[14.03.2020] For those with mild flu symptoms and no recent travel history or contact with COVID-19 cases, visit your usual GP first and remember to wear a mask on your way there.

#19: No Two Minds About It

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles19 200312
[12.03.2020] Social responsibility is everyone's duty! Stay home if you are feeling even the tiniest bit under the weather to prevent the spread of disease.

#18: Mommies, Don't Worry

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles18 200310
[10.03.2020] Just like everyone else, mommies-to-be should take the usual precautions such as practising good hand hygiene and avoiding people who are unwell.

#17: What's Cooking?

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles17 200308
[08.03.2020] Happy International Women's Day! As we stand together in the fight against COVID-19, let's not forget to show appreciation to the women in our lives.

#16: Keep Hands Away

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles16 200307
[07.03.2020] Keep your hands away from your face to reduce the chances of picking up germs or viruses. NUS Medicine is now partnering the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), World Health Organization (WHO), to produce The COVID-19 Chronicles.

#15: Safe to Visit

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles15 200305
[05.03.2020] Places with confirmed cases of COVID-19 would have been thoroughly disinfected before re-opening to the public.

#14: Don't Doctor-Hop

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles14 200303
[03.03.2020] Keep to seeing the same doctor to ensure continuity of care.

#13: Handshake Alternatives

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles13 200229
[29.02.2020] With social distancing measures being taken, here are some alternative greetings to the traditional handshake.

#12: Second Family

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles12 200227
[27.02.2020] Beyond the immediate medical needs, our healthcare workers are there to encourage patients at the COVID-19 isolation wards while they're away from their loved ones.

#11: Our Duty, Our Calling

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles11 200225
[25.02.2020] Our healthcare workers make many sacrifices for our patients, don't forget to send a kind word their way!

#10: Don't Forget to Disinfect

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles10 200223
[23.02.2020] Always remember to adopt good personal hygiene and don't forget to keep your personal items clean too.

#9: Don't Open In Case of Virus

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles9 200222
[22.02.2020] Online shopping parcels are safe to open, just remember to wash your hands after!

#8: Mouthwash and Other Myths

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles8 200221
[21.02.2020] WHO said it: There's no evidence that eating garlic, using mouthwash and putting on sesame oil can protect one from the COVID-19 virus.

#7: Scaredy-Cat

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles7 200220
[20.02.2020] The cat is out of the bag! There is no evidence that stray cats and dogs can spread the virus.

#6: No Hoarding Needed

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles6 200219
[19.02.2020] Make no mistake about it – it is important to practise good hand hygiene and wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

#5: Airborne Fears

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles5 200218
[18.02.2020] Myth busted: COVID-19 is nearly always spread through droplets and close contact. Do not put on more protective gear than required.

#4: Don't Reuse Soggy Masks

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles4 200217
[17.02.2020] Only use a mask if you're unwell and remember to use a fresh one every day. Don't attempt to clean and reuse them, they are meant for single use only.

#3: Flu Go Where?

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles3 200216
[16.02.2020] Remember to be socially responsible and visit a Public Health Preparedness Clinic if you show signs of respiratory illness.

#2: Uniform Blues

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles2 200215
[15.02.2020] Healthcare staff observe strict hygiene protocols. Let us all continue to encourage and support them in this moment of need!

#1: To mask or not to mask?

newsinfomain COVIDChronicles1 200214a
[14.02.2020] Dr Dale Fisher, Professor in Infectious Disease, NUS, and Chair of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, WHO, answers that one question on everyone’s mind – To mask or not to mask?

You may download a PDF version of "The COVID-19 Chronicles" here.

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