Core Facilities - NUS Medical Sciences Cluster

Core Facilities / Platforms in the Medical Sciences Cluster (MSC)

Core Facilities at the NUS Medical Sciences Cluster provide enabling scientific resources and cutting-edge technologies to support NUS- and NUHS-based investigators. Availability of specialized expertise creates a robust environment for conducting a wide range of studies and accelerates the pace at which scientific discovery can be made and translated to clinical practice. Our core facilities include the following:

  1. Confocal Microscopy Unit
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Drug Discovery and Optimisation
  4. Electron Microscopy Unit
  5. Electrophysiology
  6. Flow Cytometry Unit
  7. ncRNA
  8. SLING

MSC had partnered with Cancer Sciences Institute, NUS to offer these core facilities to our staff:

  1. Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility
  2. Xenograft Cancer Models Facility