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The NUSMed Postdoctoral Association aims to build a vibrant community and provide career development opportunities for fellow postdocs. As part of the NUSMed postdoc family, we welcome you to join our line-up of events, which may be anything as informal as social gatherings to serious events like career workshops. Here are the events that we have organised so far.

Watch this space for upcoming events

NUSMed Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDF) engagement session - 17 April 2019

A session was held to welcome the new batch of research staff supported by the NUSMed PDF. They were briefed on various aspects of the NUSMed Postdoctal Association such as our mission, organisational structure, working committee and duties and upcoming events.

iPSC/Organoid Culture and Microscopy Workshop - 22 March 2019

This workshop include a half day seminar with invited speakers and experts from various research lab and companies to share with 63 participants the workflow and know-hows on iPSc/organoid culture and imaging. In the second half of the workshop, participants take part in demonstrations at the MSC Confocal Core facility and have a chance to discuss their imaging needs with the managers at the facility.

CRISPR/Cas9 Workshop - 18 March 2019

IDT shared with 49 participants key concepts, advances and applications of the CRISPR/CAS9 technology. The seminar also included a short segment on how to utilise the online CRISPR guide RNA design tool that is publicly available for use.

BBQ Social Event - 8 March 2019

The NUSMed Postdoctoral Association organised a social BBQ event at the NUHS Tower Block rooftop where about 50 postdocs get to mingle over free food and drinks.

Grant Enhancement Training workshop by SCRI (Singapore Clinical Research Institute) and MSC - 6 March 2019

SCRI and the MSC jointly-organised the Grant Enhancement Training workshop whereby participants get to pick up tips in writing good grant applications for medical research projects. The NUSMed Postdoctoral Association President, Simbu, kicked off the workshop with a brief introduction of the association.

Practical Approach to Biostatistics Part 1 - 27 February 2019

The workshop discussed key statistical and research experimental design concepts that are relevant for both in vitro and in vivo animal studies. In addition, Dr Kenneth Ban from MSC Data analytics Core introduced a free statistical tool which can be applied for power calculations and key statistical analysis. 53 participants attended the workshop.

Sharing session on Lean Launchpad Singapore - 16 January 2019

The NUSMed Postdoctoral Association organised a sharing session by two Lean Launchpad Singapore (LLP) alumni, Dr. Gunnar Poplawski and Dr. Irwin Cheah. The Lean Launchpad Programme was conducted to help research scientists and engineers turn their inventive technologies into commercially viable products and feasible business ventures. They shared their experiences and challenges as different leads in spearheading an interesting project revolving around a brain health supplement.

Career Development Seminar – 10 October 2018

The NUSMed Postdoctoral Association organised a career development talk on 10 October 2018 which was focused on “Preparing for Your Next Step”. Hosted by Dr Cheong Jit Keong (Department of Biochemistry), we were honoured to have his mentor, Professor Shirish Shenolikar from Duke-NUS, share with 52 participants his experience, anecdotes and perspective as a scientist who have been through the rigours of academia and the industry. He walked through with us his learning journey from academia to industry, the different (and contrasting) expectations in the two fields, the importance of mentorship and mentors (not to be confused with your Principal Investigators) and right down to the books that he would recommend in picking up soft skills that might be especially useful in our research career. It was an entertaining and enlightening talk and we look forward to organising the next follow-up career development seminar.

Medical Science Cluster Day – 15 August 2018

The NUSMed Postdoctoral Association participated in the Medical Science Cluster day with a booth publicising for our association and for our membership recruitment drive. We also took the opportunity to interact and liaise with the various core facility teams and to jointly organize several workshops with them in the upcoming months.

Social Event (Launch of NUSMed Postdoctoral Association) – 20 July 2018

The NUSMed Postdoctoral Association was officially launched on 20th July 2018 commemorating a milestone for School.

The event started with Associate Professor Kevin Tan Shyong Wei and Professor Hooi Shing Chuan congratulating the the team on the formation of the Association. Associate Professor Lina Lim Hsiu Kim shared her postdoctoral experience at John Hopkins University Medical School and her journey to becoming a faculty member in NUS Medicine and Residential Fellow at Tembusu College. Next, Dr Cheong Jit Kong recalled his experience as a founding member of Duke-NUS Early Career Scientists Association (DUNES). This was followed by Dr Inthrani's brief on the new professional development framework for the postdoctoral fellows called the REINVENT programme (more details in the link).

The evening ended off with the community of postdoctoral fellows bonding over dinner. The event was a great success, as captured by the vibrant smiles on everyone. We look forward to more friendships and collaborations among the postdoctoral fellows!